Document Management

Get your team on the same page with accurate, real-time information

GLXY Document Management is a cloud-based solution with built-in structure, security, workflows, and alerts, therefore ensuring consistent document storage. Above all, the most current version of drawings and schedules are always immediately available and easy to find.

The central document repository eliminates multiple versions of the same document filed in multiple locations, so everyone is on the same page.

Greatly increase the quality of your information

Built-in features prevent documents from being deleted, stored in the wrong places, or left partially filled in. GLXY guides users step-by-step through document creation, storage, and management. The portal is easy to use, even for employees who are not confident technology users. 

Always have the most current documents

Once you print something, it goes stale right away. In other words, you can’t assume that a hard copy is still the current version of a schedule or set of construction plans. The GLXY portal gives all team members access to the most current version of drawings and schedules. And even better, GLXY notifies all team members when a new plan version is available. 

Automated alerts sent for key activities

Team members are notified when a new document version is uploaded. Everyone receives an alert that the latest and greatest information is in the central repository.

Secure portal controls document access

The GLXY platform allows any team member you designate—architect, engineer, subcontractors, and suppliers —to log in and access real-time data whenever they need it. Even provide your trades and owners with secure and very specifically-defined access to view your daily site logs. However, you control precisely which sections of the project repository each team member can access. Log-ins are recorded and all data is password protected.

Document versioning preserves historical record

Document versioning retains every iteration of each document throughout the project. As a result, your legal department will have the ability to view every version of the document throughout its life-cycle.

Save staff time, reduce paper usage

GLXY reduces iterative paper versions of documents, which subsequently reduces paper and printing costs. Even more important, the Document Management module saves a lot of employees a lot of administrative time, so they can work on more meaningful matters. Efficiency improves and morale gets a big boost.

Give your team the timely info they need and get everyone on the same page! Schedule a demo of the GLXY Document Management module now!

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