Ease the stress on construction positions with supportive software solutions

Having a hard time filling construction positions?

Are you part of the 81 percent of contractors surveyed by the Associated General Contractors of America who say they’re having a hard time filling construction positions? Then part of your solution may be a new or enhanced construction management platform.

Outdated methodologies deter top talent

In today’s competitive construction market, using Excel and Access for scheduling is simply not good enough. Forcing employees to do redundant, time-consuming tasks leads to mistakes, frustration, burnout, and eventually job change. In short, spreadsheets simply cannot provide the level of detail that clients expect and deserve.

Software solution eliminates redundant tasks, adds real-time sharing

When Pride One switched from spreadsheets to the GXLY One CM software solution, they eliminated separate, redundant schedules. Impacts to critical path items are now immediately apparent. They have a secure system with real-time sharing. With GXLY One CM, Pride One estimates they reduced time spent communicating schedule updates and changes to their subcontractors and clients by at least 25%.

Start recouping investment in just a few weeks

You may think that custom software is too expensive, and oftentimes it is. However, the standard GLXY One CM platform handles most of what general contractors need and is easily and affordably customizable to your exact needs. In addition, with GXLY One’s contract workflow alone, software costs start to be recouped in just a few weeks. Employees immediately reduce time wasted on administrative tasks. The software literally starts paying for itself.

Doing nothing is costly!

The downside of doing nothing about outdated project management methods costs exponentially more. Your employees are frustrated with the amount of time spent on redundant tasks. Clients are irritated by slow response times and outdated info. Subsequently, your business misses out on new opportunities. Therefore, you have a hard time filling construction positions.

So, ease the stress on your workforce and yourself! Make sure your company is a contender for top talent. Contact GXLY Software to learn about more about cloud-based real-time construction management software.

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