Having the latest and greatest

Some of the most frustrating moments in the general and sub-contracting world are when you are in the field looking at a room on the site with the plans in your hands and things don’t match. The plans state clearly the room is 14×16 and yet you are literally staring at a closet. Argh!

This not only costs you money, but it costs your engineering department money and ultimately, the client. Having outdated drawings and plans can be the number one cause of mistakes and reworks. Physical paper today is possibly considered the worst of way of communicating between your team members.

Fortunately, there is a solution. With the GLXY One cloud solution in place, you and your team can always have the latest set of drawings on your phone or tablet. In addition to that, you can setup automated alerts so that your project team will get an email or text message when new sets or addendums are published from your architect.

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