Construction Scheduling Software

Manage your construction projects in real-time with the GLXY scheduling software module. Access your construction projects and subcontractors from a single screen. Plus, provide real-time updates and automated notifications to project managers and subcontractors, so team members know which sites should be worked and in what order.

Deliver every project on time

The GLXY system saves and tracks all changes in real-time, so impacts on the critical path are immediately apparent. Your project manager’s focus never waivers from the most important elements of the project schedule, so the building is delivered on time.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

GLXY’s cloud-based scheduling software system communicates schedule changes to all team members in just a few minutes. Consequently, your project manager is freed from making dozens of calls and emails. When the schedule changes, automated alerts are sent to all subcontractors and suppliers impacted by a particular scope change. Project managers stay focused on project timelines and critical path issues.

Give subcontractors and vendors an accurate look-ahead

GLXY helps increase efficiency throughout the trade and supplier network. When accessing the web portal, subcontractors and vendors can get an accurate look-ahead and schedule their crews and deliveries to meet the upcoming demand.

Ditch the spreadsheets!

In today’s competitive construction market, using spreadsheets for scheduling is simply not good enough. Forcing employees to do redundant, time-consuming tasks leads to mistakes, frustration and burnout. Spreadsheets cannot provide the level of detail that clients expect and deserve. In addition, spreadsheets are not secure. They are easily changed, adjustments are not tracked, and sharing info in real time is impossible. In short, all this puts the entire project schedule at risk.

Eliminate separate and redundant schedules. Get your entire project team on the exact same schedule with GLXY!

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